Scientific Accompanying Research

Detailed knowledge about international students in Thuringia is of special importance given the projected demographic development. Therefore, the Chair of Economics and Public Finance will  survey the international students in Thuringia at various points during their studies:

(1) at the start of their study program with the goal of learning more about the initial motives behind their decision to study in Thuringia  and their intentions of remaining in Thuringia, but also about previous, current and planned contacts with Thuringia and ties with their country of origin;
(2) after about 6 months, in particular about experiences made in terms of integration;
(3) after about 2 years (i.e. towards the middle / end of the study program) about their more definite  plans for taking up or not taking up employment in Thuringia and the main reasons behind this, positive as well as negative experiences with integration and in particular about contacts established with the job market in Thuringia (e.g. through the internship program managed by the International Office or through alternative actions).

The insights gained should help to formulate targeted measures, to identify the barriers faced by international students and to increase the receptivity and the capacity of companies in Thuringia to take on and commit themselves to international specialists.

Contact Person:

Chair of Economics and Public Finance
Stefan Töpfer
Tel. +49 3641 943236